A Generation that seeks God

To seek God means to put actions in knowing God – His mind, His will, His ways. It means to enter into His realm, get edified and show forth His realm which will bring people to Him. This is the “Generation God or nothing”.

Seeking God requires a lot of sacrifices, pruning, consistency, learning, letting go among others. To seek God involves a conscious effort and a daily relationship with God by fellowshipping with Him.

The Generation that seeks God is a generation that has let go of self and carried Christ. A generation that is so into God that they care less whatever happens to them.

Psalm 24:4 shows the attributes of the generation that seeks God:

1. A clean hand: This means doing works that glorify God. Having a clean hand means work is being done but in the way that makes you blameless – in a way that glorifies God.

2. A pure heart: This is the heart of flesh God promised us that we would get once we become born again and where the Holy Spirit will dwell in. A pure heart signifies a heart that has been purged of all impurities. A mind that is fully controlled by the Holy Spirit. A heart that longs for God. A content heart. A pure heart is simply the heart which God dwells in.

3. His soul is not unto vanity: This means that this generation have their hearts secured in what Christ has done. They are not moved by whatever happens. A generation sure of what God has planned for them before time began. They are not swayed with the way things are run in this world because they have the understanding that they are in the world but not of the world.

4. No deceit is found: They are known to speak the Truth at all times not afraid of the consequences of speaking the truth because they are set out to please God and not in need of the appraisal from men.

This God seeking generation shows the attributes that are same with the armour of God as seen in Ephesians 6:14-17. It is expected for every believer to put on the armour of God.

God seekers are not people conscious but God conscious. If God is happy with it then it doesn’t matter who disapproves of it. This generation sets their focus on Christ and know that the reward is God’s blessings and righteousness.

To be a part of the God seeking generation, you need to be ready to dwell in His presence daily; irrespective of how your feelings may be. God seekers are not controlled by their human feelings but by their Spirit feeling. This generation focuses on the reward that is coming not the reward that will be gotten immediately.

Set out to seek God. Know Him for yourself. Take actions and you will enjoy your journey of seeking His face.

Seeking God is not an “easy” task but you need to be disciplined.

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