Are you Attractive?

To be attractive means to have an endearing personality or feature. Before one can be termed attractive to someone, it means that person sees a feature or quality that has caused interest to arise.

One very attractive thing we see daily is light. Light is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible which means that light brings about clarity. Since light brings clarity, it tends to attract people to itself because humans always want a solution to issues.

Imagine being lost in a thick dark forest and you suddenly see a house not so far from you with a bulb at the entrance. What do you do? You go in that direction, towards the light. The light attracted you and it doesn’t just attract you, it shows you the path that leads to it.

Matthew 5:14a says that we are the light of the world and this can be interpreted as us being natural agents that makes things visible but in our case, we make Christ visible.

Our main aim as believers is to bring clarity to people about the Gospel but how do you bring clarity if you are not attractive? You claim to be a light that is aimed at bringing people to Christ but your character is really bad. People find it difficult to even walk up to you. You are simply unattractive to people, nothing endears them to you.

How will you point people to Christ if they can’t see anything different from them in you? Light brings clarity. It directs the path of those seeking clarity to itself. Are you directing the paths of people unto life? As a light, you are meant to bring people to you. Your personality, your charisma should attract people, make people wonder what you have or do differently from them.

John 1:9 says,

“That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world”.

As a light, you should attract people to you and when they come close to you, you should give them clarity and direct them to the source of your light. You are not a light if you just shine in the secret where nobody can see you. A chair is made for sitting but if the chair is kept from those who wants to sit then it is useless because it has no capacity to fulfill its purpose. God didn’t call you a light so you can shine to only yourself or your close pals. You were made a light to shine so bright that people have no choice than to come to you and see God (Matthew 5:16).

Are you portraying the attributes of a light? Are you attractive for people to even come close to you? Are you fulfilling your purpose as God’s light?

You are called a light by God because He wants you to point people to Him. You have Christ in you so you have the clarity others need. Give it to them. Be a light. Not just a light, be a shining light for all you see.

This is the essence of your living, this is your purpose (Jeremiah 1:5). Make Jesus proud.

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