Should I ask for a sign from God?

A sign is a gesture or action used to convey information or an instruction. A sign from God is a form of second confirmation to answers received after praying. As believers, the answers we get from God comes with a confirmation to make us really know that it is from God. Often times, we do … Continue reading Should I ask for a sign from God?

Relationship Check

Relationship Check

Everyone has a relationship goal in mind that he/she wants to check off the list but there is no means of fulfilling a relationship goal without being in a relationship with someone. A relationship can simply be put as a state of being connected to someone. Amos 3:3 says that “Can two walk together, unless they … Continue reading Relationship Check

Spiritual Sensitivity: Getting answers from God

To be spiritually sensitive means to have the ability to perceive and respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all situations. A spiritually sensitive person is always in tune with God’s heart. A believer is expected to know when the things heard are from God or from self. Often times, we pray to … Continue reading Spiritual Sensitivity: Getting answers from God

Your Inner Circle

Inner circle means your close friends, those you associate yourself with; those who have the same destination, understanding with you and help motivate you. Your inner circle has a lot of impact on you. Your inner circle has a great influence on the way you make decisions. They are mostly the people the Holy Spirit … Continue reading Your Inner Circle

Pregnant with Fruits

When women are pregnant, we are expectant of children. A Christian is pregnant with fruits. To bear fruits as humans means to show qualities that are aligned with who/what you are connected to. Fruits are not forced to be evident, they spring forth naturally when the tree gets the right nutrients needed for their growth. … Continue reading Pregnant with Fruits