What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is defined as the expression of gratitude especially to God. Thanksgiving is our way of telling God that we see all He is doing, has done and we have come to acknowledge it with our actions. Thanksgiving is not meant to be limited to just words of the mouth; action is meant to accompany … Continue reading What is Thanksgiving?

Should I ask for a sign from God?

A sign is a gesture or action used to convey information or an instruction. A sign from God is a form of second confirmation to answers received after praying. As believers, the answers we get from God comes with a confirmation to make us really know that it is from God. Often times, we do … Continue reading Should I ask for a sign from God?

Relationship Check

Relationship Check

Everyone has a relationship goal in mind that he/she wants to check off the list but there is no means of fulfilling a relationship goal without being in a relationship with someone. A relationship can simply be put as a state of being connected to someone. Amos 3:3 says that “Can two walk together, unless they … Continue reading Relationship Check

Spiritual Sensitivity: Getting answers from God

To be spiritually sensitive means to have the ability to perceive and respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all situations. A spiritually sensitive person is always in tune with God’s heart. A believer is expected to know when the things heard are from God or from self. Often times, we pray to … Continue reading Spiritual Sensitivity: Getting answers from God

Your Inner Circle

Inner circle means your close friends, those you associate yourself with; those who have the same destination, understanding with you and help motivate you. Your inner circle has a lot of impact on you. Your inner circle has a great influence on the way you make decisions. They are mostly the people the Holy Spirit … Continue reading Your Inner Circle