What Next After Salvation?

Most times, people ask the question of "What next After Salvation?" Getting it wrong will result in doing things we ought not to do. We must know that at Salvation, when we were made new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17), our spirits was made perfect (1 Corinthians 6:17), our spirits became changed and spiritually alive. But, … Continue reading What Next After Salvation?

You have got God’s leading in You

In our walk of purpose on this earth as believers, God's leading is something that is actually needed and indispensable for a successful walk.  When we talk about God's leading, we are talking about supernatural guidance. It is important to clearly understand what the Bible says concerning the Believer and God's leading.  One thing we … Continue reading You have got God’s leading in You

The Gift of Righteousness

What does the Bible say about righteousness? As believers and disciples of God's word, an error we shouldn't make is the error of assumption; making assumptions from concepts of our culture or society for the things of God. God's word defines all in the Christian faith. We should be diligent to find out what scriptures … Continue reading The Gift of Righteousness