Take Up Your Cross

A cross is really just an instrument of death. In the days of Jesus in the flesh, whenever someone was accused of crimes against the nation (rebellion against government, disruption of peace etc) death by crucifixion was considered capital punishment (i.e it was the highest form of punishment). It was execution because a person who … Continue reading Take Up Your Cross

From Anger to Love

Are you threatened by rejection and/or fear? Motivated by selfish interests, setting your prestige over the feelings and desires of others? Threatened by compulsion? All these among others are the precursors of anger. Anger is an intense emotional state that involves a response to uncomfortable threats and situations. The adolescent period is characterized by constant … Continue reading From Anger to Love

The Impossible Christian Life

It is widely believed that the Christian life is not just difficult to live, it is impossible. How true is this assertion? Does it mean it is impossible to live Holy? Here are some answers from the Holy Bible. In one of the most powerful sermons taught on earth - the sermon on the mount, … Continue reading The Impossible Christian Life