Making your ways Prosperous

Making your ways prosperous - Peculiar Ministers Christian Movement

It is the desire of every human to prosper in whatever they do and where ever they go. The prosperity height of persons varies, therefore, they can tell when they prosper. Prosperity is not alone defined by monetary values or possessions; it can also be in knowledge, understanding, wisdom, health, marriage, and above all in … Continue reading Making your ways Prosperous

Start without Fear

Start without Fear - Peculiar Ministers Christian Movement

Welcome to a new year. Largely, there are expectations to what you want to achieve which must have made you put up a resolution. However, this article is not written just with regards to a new year but for someone who just got into college, got married, about to start a business/project. I am saying … Continue reading Start without Fear

What can the name of Jesus do?

The entirety of the Christian faith is centered on Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Son of God (Matthew 16:16; John 3:16; Matthew 3:17); the Saviour of the world from sin (Matthew 1:21); Light of the World (John 8:12); the One who has all power (Matthew 28:18) among others He is. In Hebrews 11:6, the Bible … Continue reading What can the name of Jesus do?

Overcome the Devil

There are diverse of circumstances to overcome; so are there numerous of matters that keeps a man in captivity. Among them all, we will be looking at the root of overcoming which is to overcome the devil. We will be doing a comparative study of the first fall of man, which is that of Adam … Continue reading Overcome the Devil