There is no gain saying that no success comes without a story and that never consider a crown without considering the scars that comes with it. Let’s go to the Bible on endurance.

James 1:2-4 says,
“My brethren, count it all joy when thou fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your patience worketh out patience. But, let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing”

The favour of God does not take away the need for endurance. There are times where children of God have to endure the cross. Any man that longs to finish strong will have to endure. I will make this practical by sharing a story my father told me.

A young man set out on a journey by sea, the journey was so peaceful and he had a lot to gain from the journey. It was his normal business trip. At the middle of the journey, the storm started. He normally did not prepare for this because it was so unusual of this normal route that he takes. Not so long after, his boat capsized.

This was the beginning of his ordeal. He had no survival skills. He could have drowned but for the timely arrival of a log of wood brought closer by the ocean wave, he leaned on the wood for days till he landed at the shore of an abandoned island, exhausted and extremely cold. After catching his breath, he would scream at the sight of any ship. All was to no avail. No one could have spotted him. Alone on this island, starving and “shelterless”, he decided to make a tour round the island. The island was so scanty, the soil somewhat arid, the trees are numerable and weak, no games to live on. He had lost all hope.

The ocean current came with this cold that was unbearable for him. He was left no option than to cut all the trees to make a shelter for himself to alleviate his challenges. He was now left with absolutely nothing. Days went by, leaving him hopeless and desperate.

On a faithful day, he left his shelter to search for just anything to eat and die which he afore did but was vanity. Hardly had he gone far than he noticed a huge smoke that arose somewhere on the island. Behold, his built shelter burning! Understanding fully well that he had completely lost all. That time, He threw himself to the ground, wailing in tears, cursing himself and the day he was born, cursing God, he was awaiting his death. This heavy smoke amazed the captain of a ship sailing by. He decided to sail ashore, he wondered continuously what could have ignited the fire, his experience on this route could not explain how that could have happened. He was hoping on a discovery, only to find a humanly creature near a burning house in an abandoned and empty island. Without much ado, the man was saved.

The nugget from this story goes thus: that time that the worst is happening might be the best solution to getting out of your problem.

Take a critical examination on those with great achievements, 95% has got a story to tell about the journey so far. Yet, they have made it this far based on determination. In your journey, you must also know and understand that, only God can see you through anything that comes your way. For there is time for everything as the Holy Bible teaches us in Ecclesiastes chapter 3. Time is a revealer and only patience takes you through it.

Brethren, let patience have its way in you so that you may be entire and wanting nothing. Make a confession today that, whatever happens, I am going to push through with God’s Word and Promises as an assurance.

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