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Salvation can be defined as deliverance from sin and its consequences. Salvation is primarily built on God’s love and John 3:16 shows us that God first loved us before deciding to give us His son to love us. The fall of the first man, Adam, brought sin upon mankind. It brought about death which was as a result of separation of man from his source (God). God had a salvation plan right from the beginning to save man. To bring deliverance from what man had brought upon himself.

God’s ultimate plan was for a sacrifice to be given, a sacrifice “huge” enough to cleanse all of mankind once and for all. A sacrifice that once given can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, any time.

John 3:16 says that God gave His only begotten Son. This was the only sacrifice that could be given for the remission of sins and could be offered for all of eternity to be saved. This was the first step in God’s love plan; offering an ultimate sacrifice.

The second step in the plan was to offer grace to mankind. Grace is simply put as unmerited Favour. God’s grace is given freely to people that He chooses. His grace is what brings us into the finished work of the Sacrifice.

His grace is a gift to mankind. It is what brings a man out of sin and its consequences into the eternal life that has been made available when the ultimate sacrifice was offered (John 6:44). Once this gift is given to man, that man becomes a new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17).

The new man then has to undergo changes: leave the old ways, the old laws, the old habits and adapt to the new system the new man was programmed to have. This change is the third step in salvation and it is done by God’s nature (Love). Grace brings us into salvation but God’s love keeps us saved.

His love as described in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 is the reason behind the change seen in the habits from the old man to those of the new man. Who doesn’t want to listen to someone who is ready and patient with them while undergoing a training? It is God’s love that keeps and encourages us to change because when we do something amiss, we don’t get condemned instead we are corrected in love.

Being corrected in love births an urge to do better and by trying to do better, you get better and you begin to grow into the stature of the new man. So how do we know His love is there to correct us and help us grow? Because His spirit is in us and the first description of His Spirit is love (Galatians 5:22).

The first thing you feel when you are newly converted is His overwhelming love that went all out to get you back to Himself followed by His joy which is known as the Joy of salvation. God will not save you to leave you alone or make you feel bad. He saves you and encircles you with an insurmountable, unexplainable kind of love that makes you love Him back and do what He wants which is to become the you He created in the beginning before sin came.

His love gives you courage (1 John 4:18). He will be with you every step of the way.

His salvation plan has love embedded in it from the first step to the last step.
It is His love that brings you into His light (grace) and His love keeps you in His light. It is also your decision to love Him back that makes you take the action to let His light in you shine forth.

Your love for God is a decision first before an action. So, decide to love Him and put your actions where your words are because He already did the same for you.

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