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Our Guest

Kayode Bello is the assistant pastor in charge of Transformers Ministry, an interdenominational ministry passionate about soul winning, Holy Ghost revival and Christ-like transformation of people. He has a post graduate diploma in Education and a Masters degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos. His passion for God pushed him to enroll in some spiritual schools which include the School of Disciples in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in 2013, MFM School of Biblical Studies, MFM School of Prayer, MFM School of Spiritual Red Cross, MFM School of Deliverance, MFM School of brokenness, MFM School of Child Education and MFM School of Prophets. He is a very devoted servant of God that is passionate about educating youths and teenagers and imparting lives; such that youths and teenagers are aflame for Jesus Christ through the preaching of the undiluted word of God and the raw demonstrations of the power of God.


The Interview

Temitayo Teniola: My name is Teniola, I am from Peculiar Ministers. We thank you for honouring our invite😊

Kayode Bello: Father as we go into this brief discussion let your presence overshadow us in Jesus name. Amen. You are welcome.

Temitayo Teniola: AMEN.

Temitayo Teniola: We will be talking about Holiness: Is it Old Fashioned? First of all, I will like to ask where did the concept or idea of Holiness begin?

Kayode Bello: Before the creation of the Earth, the concept of Holiness has been in existence. The nature of God is Holiness hence Holiness has been in existence as long as God has been existing. In the beginning, the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the waters hence; even the beginning of the creation of the Heavens and Earth started by the move of the Holy Spirit. It must be noted that the name Holy Spirit tells us the extent to which God takes Holiness serious and that Holiness has been in existence since God began to exist.

Temitayo Teniola: Thank you very much. Holiness has been in existence from ages past.

Kayode Bello: Yes.

Temitayo Teniola: Then what do you understand by the Word Holiness?

Kayode Bello: Holiness is a vow made by the bride of Christ to Jesus Christ the bridge groom. When a woman is about to get married, she makes a vow to be with that man and obey the man for better or for worse. The same applies to Christians. Holiness is a state whereby you have decided to consistently surrender to the will of God whether it is convenient for you or not.

Temitayo Teniola: Wow. Another powerful insight.

Temitayo Teniola: But in reference to what you said, looking at the world at large and how things are evolving, how they are taking new steps and turns, do you think Holiness is attainable in this present age?

Kayode Bello: Firstly I would say, it is written that forever O Lord thy word is settle in Heaven. It is written that Heaven and Earth shall pass away but His word shall never pass away. It is written that may it be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

It is a great tragedy and disaster when we feel the standards of God would change because of civilization. It must be noted that if we want to enter the same Heaven that Paul the Apostle entered, the same Heaven that Stephen entered, the same Heaven that the Apostles and other saints that were killed entered, then we must be ready to pay the same price of Holiness. It was Holiness that made Stephen not to dance to the tune of the world even at the face of death. Sincerely, holiness is attainable through the help if the Holy Spirit.

The bible says when the Spirit of truth comes, He would teach you all things. The Holy Spirit is here to help us to be Holy if we are ready to listen to His voice but what makes it difficult or seem like it not really attainable to achieve Holiness in this present world is because the love of God is not there. When you love God you would obey Him. Holiness is total obedient to God. Holy Spirit is here to make Holiness attainable.

For example, a man that is an unbeliever finds himself in a situation where he is tempted to have an immoral affair with a lady. Yes the world would say he is human, he has blood running through his vein but imagine if before the immoral affairs begins the lady tells the man that she is HIV positive. I’m sure the man would jump up immediately and run for his life. That man didn’t have the Holy Spirit but he won’t continue because he is afraid of death. Also, if a Christian has the fear of God in him, it would be easy to live a holy life. Any person that is born of God doesn’t commit sin because no unclean thing would enter Heaven.

Kayode Bello: God is loving. He is merciful and He is the all knowing God. I’m sure if God realises that it is impossible to attain Holiness in this present world, He would either reduce the standard of Holiness or call us home to be with Him because the Holy Bible says without Holiness no man shall see God. And I know it’s the desire of God that we His children make Heaven. So if God has decided not to change the standard of Holiness that means He knows we can still be Holy in this present world. For with God all things are possible, all things which includes Holiness.

Temitayo Teniola: How can you set your self apart in this world?

Kayode Bello: There was a man called Isaiah. He was a Prophet, condemned others but until the day he had an encounter with God, that was when he realised he was unclean and then his journey of consecration began. Firstly, you must be born again. There must be a 360 change towards the side of God. You must throw away your old I.D card that pleases the flesh and pleases the devil and pick up your new I.D card which has the template of Holiness.

You must mediate on the word of God without ceasing. You must be a prayer addict .You must hate what God hates and love what He loves. You must surround yourself with Godly brethren that would always ignite the hunger for God in you. You must desire to be baptized by the Holy spirit and even after the initial baptism, be hungry for more of His infilling. It’s never enough, we need more of Him always. You must know and be conscious of your identity as a child of God. We normally say remember the son of your father. Don’t give your father a bad name. As a child of God please always remember that you are the Son or Daughter of God. You are the image of God. God loves you. He sacrificed all for you and it’s your duty not to disappoint him.

The day you gave your life to Christ, God will have taken you to heaven but He left you here because He has an assignment for you. Hence you must always remember that you have to fulfill your divine assignment and you can’t fulfill it without Holiness. For He who has called you is Holy so be ye holy in all manner of conversation.

Temitayo Teniola: Thank you very much Mr Kayode. Is there a difference between Sanctification and Holiness?

Kayode Bello: Simply put, sanctification is the process whereby a child of God is being transformed. It is the beginning of the journey of Holiness, whereby you are empowered through the help of the Holy spirit to live a holy life. Your thoughts, mind, your will, everything be once cleansed and dedicated to God. While Holiness is the life you are empowered to live after sanctification has taken place. Until you are sanctified, it would be difficult for you to live a holy life.

Temitayo Teniola: Awesome.

Kayode Bello: Whenever God wants to use a Prophet, He would request that He is sanctified. After the sanctification, it becomes easy by the help of the Holy Spirit to live a holy life.

Temitayo Teniola: Thank you. I want to paint a scenario now. Will a Christian person who died never having light on some matters (For instance, holiness and sanctification) but was a faithful Christian (that is a consistent worker in Church, a church goer) be saved?

Kayode Bello: He was a Christian that means he gave his life to Christ, although he never had light on those issues. I believe he attends a Bible believing church and he would have gotten a level of light in those issues and he also has the Bible. He should have read about it if truly he was faithful. But bearing in mind that he was a faithful Christian regardless of whether or not he knew about sanctification and Holiness. That fact that he was faithful meant he would have lived his life to please God hence he is saved. The Bible says whoever is ready to confess and forsake his sins God is faithful and just to forgive our sins and purify us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Temitayo Teniola: There is this saying, “The Grace of God is sufficient for me” and people tend to sin realizing that our Father (God) is a merciful God. Hence, how can we relate that to holiness?

Kayode Bello: Shall we continue in sin and expect the grace of God to abound, God forbid? There is a big difference between when a Christian falls into sin and it happens once in a blue moon or he finds himself in a situation and he yields to the desire of the devil even when he never had the intention to and he asks for mercy. Yes, the grace of God is there but when a Christian desires to sin, plans the sinful act, takes time to execute with the intention that the grace of God is there then he is taking the grace of God for granted. And that is not Holiness because when you misuse the grace and mercy of God, it’s a sin.

The more you abuse grace, the more you are promoted in the school of backsliders and it would get to a level where you would become a prefect in the school of backsliders. The voice of Satan would become far more pronounced and louder than the voice of God in your life because the devil would always tell you there is mercy and grace, continue in this sin. At that point, you would just find yourself sinning even when you don’t want to. If one finds himself in that situation, he would have to totally retrace his steps back to God. The grace of God will enable us to life a holy life but when a person believes the grace is like a pardon to sin then its a tradegy. Because when you misuse grace, one would be disgraced by Satan.

God said have you considered my servant Job? The question that must be asked personally is? Can God tell the devil, have you considered my servant Kayode? Can I Kayode say, there is nothing of the devil in me with the way I’m making use of the grace of God.

Holiness doesn’t teach us to misuse grace or backslide. Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. My Heavenly Father doesn’t backslide. Jesus even while He was on earth never misused grace or backslide. Is it not the same Holy spirit that is in Jesus that is in me? So, where is the misuse of grace or backsliding these days coming from. Forget not the ancient landmark which our fathers have set. The landmark of Holiness within and without; whether it’s convenient or not. Let me tell you a practical story!

I went for an interview at the National Headquarters of RCCG in Ebute Metta, Nigeria. Senior Pastors of the ministry were there and they were asking me questions, then a pastor said what is the name of your Provincial Pastor? I mentioned his name, then another Pastor said do you know your Provincial Pastor? Then I was like my God, because I have not been involved in the province since the man resumes as our Provincial Pastor. I don’t even know his face not to talk of knowing him. So the devil said don’t fail this interview! You have been doing well, just say yes you know him. How can you say you are in a province and you don’t know the Provincial Pastor, that you haven’t seen his face you would just end this interview as a failure. Then the Holy spirit said I should say the truth. At that point I could have said a yes but there is grace and mercy, I would lie and repent later. Little did I know, my provincial pastor was among the members of the panel. So I told the panel that I don’t know him and I can’t recognize him if I see him. Then the head of the panel told me to stand up and clap. Then I became more confused. Then she pointed at my Provincial Pastor and introduced me to him.

Imagine if I lied that I knew the man and they asked me to point at him. It would have been a serious disgrace and would have entered into the failure I was trying to avoid. There is nothing good about misusing grace. It’s like you are breaking God’s heart. Yes even if he has to always forgive us. I’m not being judgmental. But I was meditating and I realized that some Christians can speak in tongues for hours but they still have the mindset that it’s not possible to live a totally sin free live. You can still listen to songs that the Holy spirit would not like etc. But I’m bothered if truly they are speaking Holy spirit inspired tongues. Why can’t it be possible to live a Holy Spirit inspired life that is free from sin. May God help us in Jesus name.

Temitayo Teniola: Amen. How can a person differentiate between carnality and divinity? What I mean is that, how can we Christians discern when God is talking and when Satan is? Like how can we differentiate between what is right and wrong?

Kayode Bello: We are all humans. Right? We are still subject to human feelings and conditions until we die and this flesh is taken away from us. We can’t do away with the fact that, we are subject to our human nature. But it’s a tragedy that people use this fact to commit sin. Now, Jesus was human. He cried, he was hungry, he was thirsty, he was subject to the same human conditions yet without sin. The best way to differentiate what is right or wrong is to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit. My sheep hear my voice and they obey me. If the Holy Spirit can not tell you what’s right or wrong then maybe you are not God’s sheep because He said His sheep hears His voice. God said you would hear a voice that would tell you this is the way. If you are in a state of confusion you should seek the voice of God to tell you right or wrong.

My definition of what is right or wrong is simple. Doing what God asks you to do at any given time regardless of what your carnal mind or flesh thinks. Because you can do the right thing at the wrong time and it’s still wrong. God can tell me, son, go on a three days dry fast. Great! He can come on the second day and say, son, stop that fast. If I decide to finish the fast that is disobedience. God told Abraham sacrifice Isaac and the same God told him don’t kill Isaac. If Abraham had killed Isaac, that would have been murder. This is what can help anybody who desires to be holy.

So many Christians work for God but they don’t know His voice. He doesn’t talk to them. In fact or maybe He is speaking to them but they can’t hear his voice. Why?

Temitayo Teniola: How can you recognize the voice of the Lord?

Kayode Bello: Very good question, I would start by saying God desire is that every man should be a Prophet to himself. At least if you don’t want to be a prophet to the nation, at least be a prophet to yourself and to your family. He said He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. Sons and Daughters would prophesy, young men would see visions and old men would dream dreams.

Nevertheless, there is a big problem today. It’s mostly the old men that are seeing vision while the young to men are dreaming dreams. To hear the voice of God is very simple: God speaks to man through numerous ways. I’m hundred percent sure that if anyone is serious about hearing the voice of God and he takes it up in prayer; the God I know, He is more eager to talk to you more than you are eager to talk to Him. He desires fellowship and intimacy with us.

Temitayo Teniola: Well said.

Kayode Bello: A song says:

“Open my eyes o Lord,
Open my ears, halleluyah,
Open my ears O Lord I am ready to obey”.

Firstly, let God know that you are ready to obey whatever He tells you. God would not continue to speak to a person that He knows won’t listen to Him.

Secondly, I believe impartation is great and wonderful but desire to let the Holy spirit begin to train you Himself. Get a Holy Bible and begin to study. The more you read the Word of God, the more you get accustomed to God’s pattern of thought and His ways. It begins to get easy for you to pick the voice of God whenever He is talking.

Thirdly, pray as much as you can in the spirit. You can also read anointed books and listen to messages. Also, be a man or woman that always worship God. I believe the Holy Spirit would guide you in hearing the voice of God. Nobody taught the disciples how to hear the voice of God. It was the Holy spirit. Your own is to position yourself and get ready to hear His voice.

Temitayo Teniola: People tag Holiness as it is mandatory in the old testament and not in the new testament, What can you say about that?

Kayode Bello: God is the God of the old and new testament. Holiness is mandatory even when we get to Heaven. This is the era of the Holy spirit hence, holiness is a compulsory life style.

Temitayo Teniola: “Follow peace with all men and Holiness without which no man shall see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14). Can you explain what this Bible text is saying?

Kayode Bello: “When the ways of a man pleases God, even his enemies would be at peace with him”.There must be a strong desire and determination backed up by the Holy Spirit to avoid offending anyone except if it means going against the will of God. God wants His children to live a broken life. When you are broken you won’t disobey God. When you are broken when others offend you, won’t retaliate.

Psalm 51:17 says,

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise”.

That means God can’t ignore a man that’s Holy. Seeing God doesn’t only mean entering heaven, it means having a close or intimate relationship with God. Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? That person must be holy.

Temitayo Teniola: Many Churches speak more about grace, prosperity and more. Holiness which is meant to be a very essential topic is categorized Old Fashioned.

Kayode Bello: Firstly, it must be noted that the fact that there are many churches doesn’t mean that the Pastors there were called by God! Sincerely some people called themselves while others, it was their family members that called them. Holiness is having the wholeness of God. Grace, prosperity is part of the kingdom of God. The richest person that ever lived was blessed by God. Hence, God is much more concerned about our prosperity but there must be a balance.

When a Pastor is holy, he can preach prosperity message and people would be crying for repentance and souls would be won. But a situation where prosperity is focused on at the detriment of holiness then there is a problem. They asked John the Baptist who he was. He said “I’m a voice…”. Once the person preaching is truly speaking as the voice of God, he would talk about grace, prosperity and holiness in accordance to the leading of the voice. Hence, holiness is not old fashioned! The highway to Heaven can only be taken through holiness.

Temitayo Teniola: Is there any benefit of Holiness?

Kayode Bello: Yes. You would have unlimited access to everything that God has promised His children. When you are holy, there is no limit to what God can do for you and through you. You become a carrier of the glory of God.

Temitayo Teniola: Can you tell us how holiness has played a good role in your life?

Kayode Bello: A song says,

“My cry everyday,
Father draw me nearer
O Draw me nearer, nearer to thee”

Holiness has given me the privilege of knowing God. If Jesus is in your boat, storms can come but the boat won’t sink. There is a big difference between reading about God and knowing God personally. It has helped me to take the right decisions in life. You might not be the greatest Prophet but if a person can just live a holy life, you would avoid a lot of problems.

Temitayo Teniola: We thank God for that. For helping you so far.

Kayode Bello: Father we thank you for this conversation and we ask that by the power of your Holy spirit, you grants us the grace to be Holy just like you are in Jesus name… Amen. Make every member of the Peculiar Ministers peculiar for your glory in Jesus name. Amen.

Temitayo Teniola; Amen. Wow!!! We have come to the end of the powerful interview. Honestly, I don’t want it to end but it just has to and I have learnt a whole lot. Moreover, you have really dealt with each questions carefully with God’s Wisdom. I really appreciate your insight, thank you very much Pastor Kayode.

On behalf of Peculiar Ministers we say Thank you wholeheartedly and more anointing, we pray… Love from we all at Peculiar Ministers..😊😊😊

Kayode Bello: All Glory to God. Thanks for having me. I’m always glad to be part of the family. I haven’t forgotten the experience when I was asked to come and pray with the team before the Outreach in December. It was a great encounter and this interview also blessed me personally. Thank you.

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