Joy through God

Joy according to Galatians 5:22 is a fruit of the spirit. This means every believer has the right to have joy because of the Holy Spirit we received when we became born again.

Joy is commonly differentiated from happiness as being permanent while the latter is temporary and this is true because joy comes from God. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure that comes from a place of doing God’s will (Galatians 6:4). Therefore, joy cannot be experienced outside God and cannot be experienced by those who are not Children of God.

Joy is likened to a reward for being obedient to the instructions gotten from God. As believers, we are responsible for our joy because it is our choice of obedience that makes us have joy.

You are expected to have several kinds of joy as a believer. The first joy we experience is the joy of salvation which we get by making a decision to partner with Christ in our life and bring people into His light. Other kinds of joy are experienced as we grow deeper in our walk with God as we deliberately do the things He wants.

Joy doesn’t have a voice, it has an action which is the fulfillment of God’s word. One cannot experience joy without having the Holy Spirit because He is joy, it is one of His attributes.

Joy is an experience that brings peace of mind and you get peace of mind by staying in God. You cannot sustain joy without continuously abiding in God’s will. The prerequisite to having joy is to stay in God. God gives you joy when He is happy with you. You give Him reasons to be happy with Him by obeying all He tells you to do.

Joy comes with hard work because you may not always want to do what God wants. Your flesh will be there to oppose you, to make you do things that God doesn’t want but you have to be intentional. To have joy, you have to make decisions. You have to be intentional about pleasing God. God sees the hard work we put into obeying Him which is why He gives us a reward we cannot explain. A reward that surpasses happiness.

Joy has been given to us by God through His Holy Spirit but it is left for us to possess this joy. Your decision is needed to have joy.

Joy comes from a place of peace, a kind of peace you get when you dwell in God. When you know that nothing can go wrong because of who your trust is in.

Your joy is your reward for obedience. You have to safe guard it because the devil cannot stand you joyous; he will plant doubts to make you think you don’t deserve to be more than happy. Safeguard your joy by abiding in God. Let His love cover you and make you joyous.

God wants us to have all round joy but that is possible when you make the decision to obey God in all areas of your life and be intentional about it.

As believers, our state of mind is to be peaceful and when we are peaceful we have joy because we have a knowing of who we are and what we already have which nobody can take from us.

Joy! A fruit of the Spirit that dwells in me.

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