Living with a Positive Perception

Funny how if I decide to do a sample survey by asking an average of 10 people their perspective over a particular thing, it will be so surprising the varieties of replies I will end up with. Decisions are made as a result of an individual’s perception.

Little wonder that if I pour half quantity of water in a glass cup. Some will say that the glass cup is half filled, and others will say that the glass is half empty. Perception is the organization, identification and interpretation of sensory information or a conscious understanding of something. When it comes to perception, all your sensory organs are involved including the brain and the heart.

Quite a number of people have been living the wrong way and constantly doing the wrong thing due to their adverse perception of situations of life either through upbringing, political vices and wrong religious doctrines. We are creatures of habits and strings of actions/habits actually have its foundation in the heart. Therefore, once the heart has got a wrong perception, the habits thereafter are wrong.

The central focus is that at all times, your perception is positive and right. Let’s place a direct link between opportunities and perception.

We grew up with some notions like “opportunities come but once”. Of course, this is a gain saying. If not, does it really mean there is only one chance for a man till he dies? Where then should we classify the unending benevolence of God? The truth is, in every disappointment, there may be a room for a new appointment to surface.

Little wonder why the night comes before the morning. Every unhealthy situation soon enough will present itself with a greater glory when its status changes to healthy. As a result, we should possess an organized thought and have a conscious understanding that possesses the ability to change unpleasant situations to fruitful ones.

God will not by magic change your situation, it is by process and it starts from somewhere. God asked Moses, “What is in thy hands?” Moses replied “A rod”, not understanding fully that it could be more (Exodus 4:1-5). God has equipped every man with that which he can profit withal.

Remember Joseph, he was sold as a slave by his own brothers. He landed in prison and went through unpleasant situations but eventually got honoured in the palace because of something he was carrying (Genesis 41:39-41). When you lay hold on your dreams, every situation will be turned to your advantage.

Friends, change your perspective. It is not enough to give it all up at this stage. You didn’t come this far just to lose. Many manifestations are yet to be seen. Your test can still eventually become your testimony.

The moment you decide to do a thing, your mind works tirelessly to produce ideas of getting it done. Do not shut yourself down by placing limitations on yourself due to wrong perceptions. See positive and do positive in every of your situations. Like we started, I’d rather say “The glass cup is half filled”.

Live with a positive perception.

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