Loneliness: A Phenomenon among Christian Leaders

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Our Guest
Tope Olaleye, a baker and an online business consultant. A personal development enthusiast, very passionate about helping women and young ones grow and develop themselves personally. A teacher of God’s word and a lover of children. She is married and blessed with two beautiful children.

The Interview

Temitayo Teniola: My name is Teniola from Peculiar Ministers and we thank you for honouring our invite.😊

Tope Olaleye: Welcome Teniola, It’s my pleasure.

Temitayo Teniola: Thank you.

Temitayo Teniola: We will be talking about “Loneliness: A Phenomenon among Christian Leaders”.

Tope Olaleye: Alright

Temitayo Teniola: As a Christian Leader, what do you understand by the word Loneliness?

Tope Olaleye: Loneliness can mean a form of withdrawal from relationship, people or the community.

Temitayo Teniola: From your definition, is loneliness and isolation the same thing?

Tope Olaleye: Loneliness and isolation are not the same.

Tope Olaleye: Loneliness is a feeling of being alone which could be as a result of various factors. Isolation is separation which can either be intentional or not.

Temitayo Teniola: Can you tell us who a Christian Leader is?

Tope Olaleye: A Christian Leader is someone who is a follower of Jesus and is called to lead a course in a Christian organisation.

Temitayo Teniola: Does loneliness affect Christian Leaders?

Tope Olaleye: Yes, it does.

Temitayo Teniola: Can you explain further?

Tope Olaleye: Like I said earlier, loneliness is a feeling and for a leader to have this type of feelings means the work he or she is called to do will be affect. Loneliness is a dangerous place to be and it can make a leader do things that are not reasonable.

In other words, loneliness will affect the performance of a leader.

Temitayo Teniola: Can loneliness lead to depression?

Tope Olaleye: Loneliness can lead to depression, though not in all cases. Depending on what is the cause and also if not quickly detected and addressed.

Temitayo Teniola: In what cases can loneliness lead to depression?

Tope Olaleye: Cases where loneliness can lead to depression is when a leader faces rejection and refuses to communicate with someone who can be of help or be a confidant. This continuous feeling can make someone totally withdrawn from people which eventually leads to depression: Some leaders are faced with personal problems which they find difficult to share with friends or people who are leaders to them.

Tope Olaleye: Keeping these feelings can cause withdrawal from their immediate community or groups which can eventually lead to depression.

Temitayo Teniola: How is a Christian Leader expected to behave in the society?

Tope Olaleye: A Christian leader is to be on the stage setting good example for others to follow.

Temitayo Teniola: Can you give more insight?

Tope Olaleye: A Christian leader is an ambassador of Jesus representing Jesus Christ anywhere and everywhere.

A leader is to represent Jesus even in the society, pointing people to doing right by first doing that which is right. Many people will not come to church or religious organisations, but they have seen Christian leaders in their society who they can follow, who they can emulate in attitude and behaviour. So, a Christian leader is supposed to live an exemplary life in the society.

Temitayo Teniola: What biblical stories and theory counter the idea that leaders are isolated problem solver?

Tope Olaleye: Jesus Christ though was praying alone but was angry about His followers lack of sight and failure to understand that He cannot do this alone, meaning that He needed them to be part of the process (Matthew 17:17). Also, Apostle Paul is always with one of his followers trying to solve the problem of the churches. Sometimes he is with Silas or Timothy according to the book of Acts.

Temitayo Teniola: Should Christian Leaders stay sequestered in thier office?

Tope Olaleye: A Christian leader can stay separated for spiritual reasons to pray or study but it shouldn’t be a norm as they should also have other activities that enables them meet others who are friends or colleagues.

Temitayo Teniola: What social gatherings should Christian Leaders be seen at?

Tope Olaleye: Gatherings that glories God

Temitayo Teniola: But what about weddings and Family parties?

Tope Olaleye: A leader’s presence is sometime required in some social gatherings like weddings and family function but he can choose to be there or not based on his discretion and discernment of the spirit.

This actually is a sensitive one. Reason being that many people will not understand reasons why a leader is not attending a function but I believe God’s leading is important.

Temitayo Teniola: Lastly, how can you deal with loneliness? Because most times, loneliness can lead to negative happenings. How can you deal with it?

Tope Olaleye: 💥The first thing is to admit one is lonely and that lonliness is a decision.
💥 Embrace friendship.
💥 Having a strong relationship with few close people inside your organisation
💥 Staying in a community

Tope Olaleye: Also moving close to a senior spiritual leader.

Temitayo Teniola: We have come to the end of the wonderful interview. And you have really dealt with each questions carefully with God’s Wisdom. Thank you very much Ma. On behalf of Peculiar Ministers we say thank you wholeheartedly and more anointing.

Love from we all at Peculiar Ministers.😊😊😊

Tope Olaleye: It’s my pleasure and you are most welcome. 🤗

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