Prayer Structure

Prayer can simply be said to a means of communication between God and humans. For a communication to be said to be effective, it means the sender receives a feedback from the receiver based on the information sent out. In the same light, we are expected to get responses to our prayers which makes prayer have a structure.

Prayer has a structure which is often ignored because it has been turned to a one way action; an action that doesn’t require answers. We often see prayer as a means of dumping all our “wants” on God and waiting for Him to give us what we want.

Matthew 6:9-13 tells us how the prayer structure is and one thing worthy of note is that the prayer started with putting what God wants first not what we want. The Lord’s Prayer starts with putting God’s will before our own wants, before we lay out our requests.

His will has our requests in it already, He wants you to get the full package (His will and your needs) not just your needs. We have turned our prayers to be what we want always, always negating the wants of God.

Prayer should not just be about what God can do for you but what He will have you do in every situation. Matthew 6:33 says we should seek God’s kingdom first but seeking His kingdom means spending time with Him, praying among others ways of spending time with Him.

You are expected to pray for His kingdom to come, that is His will. That is what He wants and when His kingdom comes, you get the things you need. It is in the process of seeking Him, of knowing what He would have us do that He gives us what He knows we need.

You are expected to focus on His kingdom, on His work, on what He wants not on what He can give you, not on His inheritance. Your primary focus during prayer should be what He wants. Don’t get engrossed in what you can get from Him, prayer is selfless not selfish.

When you pray to know His will, His inheritance comes with the package. You don’t have to keep reminding Him like He has forgotten. It is in His will that we get the revelation needed to get what we need.

Prayer structure is meant to guard how we pray, to ensure that we don’t become selfish and keep asking for what we want and neglect the most important thing which is God’s will. Your prayer should be done in humility not out of desperation.

You can only access God when you are humble, lowly. Your prayer structure should be God first, others second then yourself last. That is what is called the ideal prayer structure.

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