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Everyone has a relationship goal in mind that he/she wants to check off the list but there is no means of fulfilling a relationship goal without being in a relationship with someone. A relationship can simply be put as a state of being connected to someone.

Amos 3:3 says that “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” This means that for a relationship to be established, at least 2 people must be involved.

For a relationship to be a relationship, each party has to be able to give something fruitful to the other person, meaning that each person has the ability to influence the other. Proverbs‬ ‭18:24‬b “…but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” meaning there is a close friend that we cannot do without, that we tell everything to, that we trust to give us good advise. This is why we are often told to keep relationships with people who add value to us because the kind of relationships we keep has an effect on who we are.

The relationship between us and God is such that God gives us His love and in “exchange” for His love for us, what He wants is our obedience. So before one forms a relationship with God, one must have the understanding of what a relationship with God is.

Matthew 7:21 says that,

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven”.

It is important to know that a relationship cannot be formed by mere association. A relationship is formed by an understanding. By a knowing of what you want and what the person can add to you.

A relationship check is simply a process to confirm if you and someone are actually connected; if you and someone are in an agreement.

Your relationship with God is established through your knowing of Him not because of the kind of environment you were born into (a Christian home). Before you can boldly say you have a relationship with God, you need to do a check to know if you know Him for who He is or just based on what you have been taught.

It is the personal revelation of Him that makes you know what it means to be “Christ-like” and behave like that, not your association with the church. You cannot claim to have a relationship with Him because you attend church meetings. You have to check your standing with God. Your relationship with Him must be based on knowing.

It is risky to assume you have a relationship with God just because you were born into a Christian home. You do not say you have a relationship with God with just words and your actions show otherwise. The effect of the relationship is meant to be evident.

As believers, it is necessary for us to do relationship checks as often as possible so as not be carried away. You need to be sure that you and God are in a relationship. You cannot have that relationship goal with Him when you are not even in a relationship with Him, when He doesn’t even see you as one of His own.

A relationship check helps to ensure that you are in a right standing with God. A relationship check also helps to monitor your growth, your progress since that new man came into your life.

As believers, we are advised to often take time out and check our relationship status with God. Are you single or in a relationship with God with evident results? Do a relationship check today and know your standing with God, then take the necessary actions needed for the next level in your relationship with Him.

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