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Mr. Dayo Aladaba is a student and works for Eezee Concept, a Christian media firm in Lagos, Nigeria as a media and logistics personel. He is skilled in video creations and also the media manager for the company.


The Interview:

Rowland Nkwoporo: Hello, I’m Rowland from Peculiar Ministers and we are glad to have you on board today. Can we meet you?

Dayo Aladaba: Hi Rowland, I’m Adedayo Aladaba.

Rowland Nkwoporo: Thank you. Today, we will be discussing “social media: how to influence people for God”. But I would like to start with this question, to be sure we have the right person with us..😊 Are you an advocate of the gospel or do you influence people for God?

Dayo Aladaba: Lol, I’m an advocate of the gospel. What do you mean when you say “influence people for God”? Can you explicate further so I’ll know how to answer 😅

Rowland Nkwoporo: We would like to know if your day to day lifestyle, characters and behavior inspire people around you to know God more.

Dayo Aladaba: Oh, now I understand. Yes, it does. That puts me in a conscious state of knowing that there’s an agenda, which is reconciling men back to the Father with the “day-to-day lifestyle”.

Rowland Nkwoporo: Thank you for that. To me I feel before one can influence people or others, he or she should or must be an idol or celebrity. Then it becomes easier for you to influence people who look up to you.

What’s your take on that? Must one be well known before he/ she can influence others; or does a normal or average man have the potential to influence too?

Rowland Nkwoporo: What’s your take on that?

Dayo Aladaba: Okay. To look at this critically, we need to look at what influencing really means or should I say, what it takes to be an influencer, even beyond the media space.

Influencing is the way with which you buy people (for terms: audience) into an ideology, which can be personal or directed towards something else. It is when people around or people who follow you begin to do what you do. They keep following you or engaging with you because they want to live your ideology simply because you’ve left an impact on them.

Please note: This doesn’t equal the fact that they like or hate you, one way or the other, they have been influenced by what you do and how you do it.

Influencing works with the mind, having control of your audience on a subtle level, directing the wave of what people do e.g fashion, dance step, sound etc. We can use 1 Corinthians 11:1 as influencing for believers… I hope you understand.

Dayo Aladaba: So having an understanding of this, you’ll agree with me that you don’t necessarily have to be popular or famous to be an influencer. You influence at least 5 -10 people around you. You will definitely see traits in those people about you in them and about them in you. It’s a two-way thing but a side becomes stronger when it dominates by the activities he/she carries out.

Dayo Aladaba: Hope I was able to simplify this?

Rowland Nkwoporo: So everybody and anyone can be an influencer?

Rowland Nkwoporo: It’s very clear.

Dayo Aladaba: Lol. Everyone is an influencer actually. As long as you are around people, you are either getting influenced or you are influencing with the way you live your life.

Dayo Aladaba: Hallelujah!

Rowland Nkwoporo: So now, how can one influence people, or better placed how do you influence people to God, in the simplest form. Can you guide us on that.

Dayo Aladaba: I think that’s simple. Have a reason for which you do what you do. Having that understanding will let you know how to go about “influencing”. If the purpose of a thing isn’t understood, abuse they say is inevitable;  but in this case of influencing, if you don’t have a reason, you will get swayed by every wind that blows.

Rowland Nkwoporo: Uhm very well.
So let’s talk about social media. Research shows that 7 out of 10 adults are on social media. Do you think it’s a strong tool to use to influence people for God?

Dayo Aladaba: Yes. I think that number ought to have increased by now. The media space is a different community entirely and if you have the right knowledge, you can use that space to influence people for Christ. The media is one of the strongest mountains to influence people, music is another. So yes, it is a really strong tool for influencing

Rowland Nkwoporo: Understand that anybody can be an influencer in the little way he or she can. So in the simplest form, some of us would like to know, how can we influence people for God through our social media platforms?

Dayo Aladaba: Content! That’s how you influence. There is no media without content. Influencing is also done with content; this includes, short creative videos, excellent graphics with images, Podcasts, hashtag challenges, storytelling and so on.

So how you do influence? That is by telling someone through any of those means above your desired message. If its about hope, comedy, solving problems adding values and so on. You cannot ignore the creative process as an influencer. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, our inspiration and creative tank that never runs out of excellent ideas.

Rowland Nkwoporo: Content…🤔
Very well. We know you as a video creator, a media manager, and also a social influencer. So tell us, what kind of response or remark do you get using your position and social media in influencing people for God?

Dayo Aladaba: Response or remark.. hmm well.. To the glory of God, I have had people talk about the kind of content I share. How they find value in it and it just keeps them coming back to my profile, looking forward to the next content I will put out simply because they will find what is godly and valuable which is what we all need for growth.

Rowland Nkwoporo: One can tell from their testimony that your work has been impactful in their lives. We would like to know your source of inspiration and what’s makes you a positive channel in regards to spreading the gospel and linking people to God.

Dayo Aladaba: The sweet Holy Spirit remains my inspiration, the ideas, the creativity, the delivery, everything comes from Him. All I do is obey and follow His lead. He’s the one making us vessels fit for the master’s use, not just spreading the gospel but also living out the will of God.

Rowland Nkwoporo: “… all you do is obey and follow His lead.”

God bless you for your obedience sir.

Dayo Aladaba: Amen 🙏

Rowland Nkwoporo: Some are out there with the connection to the Holy Spirit but do very little in consciously influencing their environment. And another set of people are out there as victim to the effect from the people that influence them, because they have little or no access to people with positive drive and influence.

What can you say to these sets of people?

What’s your message to these people?

Dayo Aladaba: Okay about the guys with the connection to the Holy Spirit, with no iota of judgment, that may be what they find happiness in doing. They might not necessarily do the spiritual things and might even be working in secular environments but I’m sure if they’ve got the Holy Spirit and they listen to Him, they’ll know how they can influence in their fields. Blessed are those who are led by the Spirit of God for they’re the sons of God.

For the second guys, this is a major reason why more content creators who share content as said in this verse Philippians 4:8 need to rise because if we don’t, the souls we’re trying to reach out to for Christ would be snatched by the wrong influences. This is a call for content creators who are believers to rise and take action.

Rowland Nkwoporo: Philippians 4:8 (KJV) says; “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Dayo Aladaba: Yes sir

Dayo Aladaba: So they don’t necessarily have to be “spiritual”. I hope you understand, not speaking out of context sir.

Rowland Nkwoporo: May the Lord give us the grace to think of this things.

We really appreciate you for your time and effort in diluting the discuss,  “social media: how to influence people for God”.

So before we let you go, please give us a content that is cognisance with the topic we just treated.

Dayo Aladaba: Yes, that’s why we’ve got the Holy Spirit, that’s edge we have, our greatest advantage as creators.

Dayo Aladaba: A content cognisance with the topic we just treated hmm.. Maybe I’ll just drop a link to my profile if that’s okay?

Rowland Nkwoporo: That’s more than okay sir. It’s sufficient for a start.

I really appreciate you for your time Mr Adedayo Aladaba😊. It’s fulfilling drawing from your well of knowledge.

Dayo Aladaba: We give God the glory! Thank for having me, amazing shoutout to the Peculiar Ministers team, God bless ya’ll.

Here’s the link to my profile:

Rowland Nkwoporo: We really do appreciate you and I look forward to having this privilege again with you. On behave of Peculiar Ministers I say a very big thank you.

Dayo Aladaba: Yeah, thank you. God is helping us all 😎

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