A fall from Grace

A Fall from Grace - Peculiar Ministers Christian Movement

A fall from Grace. 2 Peter 1:3 says, "According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:" I specifically love the way NLT (New Living Translation) presents this verse. Let's check it out. 2 … Continue reading A fall from Grace

Gathering of the Brethren: Knowing the right place

Gathering of the Brethren - Peculiar Ministers Christian Movement

Our Guest Mrs. Grace O. Ajogbeje is a confidential secretary by profession and in the Teaching Ministry. She worships with RCCG, Chapel of Liberty, Baruwa Ipaja, Lagos.   The Interview Teniola: Good Day Ma’am. My name is Teniola once again and I am from Peculiar Ministers. We thank you for honouring our invite. Teniola: We … Continue reading Gathering of the Brethren: Knowing the right place

Start without Fear

Start without Fear - Peculiar Ministers Christian Movement

Welcome to a new year. Largely, there are expectations to what you want to achieve which must have made you put up a resolution. However, this article is not written just with regards to a new year but for someone who just got into college, got married, about to start a business/project. I am saying … Continue reading Start without Fear

A Christian, Conviction, and God

Conviction is an important aspect of our Christain faith; it is the basis of the actions we take in our walk with God. As a believer, your conviction gives you the go ahead to do things in right standing with God even if others tell you not to do those things. Conviction comes from a … Continue reading A Christian, Conviction, and God

Peace: More than a feeling

Peace defined by Wikipedia is “a state of harmony, quiet or calm that is not disturbed by anything at all”. Peace from this definition is referred to as a feeling, a state of mind. It also means that the absence of calmness or quietness shows lack of peace. However, for believers in Jesus Christ, peace … Continue reading Peace: More than a feeling

A Prayer Posture

Prayer is a means of communication between God and humans. Prayer is primarily the means of talking to God and getting instructions. It is the biggest secret of great men in the walk with God; giving themselves to prayer just as Acts 6:4 says. Jonah 2:1-10 shows us the communication between Jonah and God. Jonah … Continue reading A Prayer Posture

Relationship before Service

Relationship can be simply put as a state of being connected to someone. This means that for a relationship to be established, at least 2 people must be involved. To be connected to someone means the parties involved know each other and can easily tell what the other person wants or expects. As believers, we … Continue reading Relationship before Service

Overcome the Devil

There are diverse of circumstances to overcome; so are there numerous of matters that keeps a man in captivity. Among them all, we will be looking at the root of overcoming which is to overcome the devil. We will be doing a comparative study of the first fall of man, which is that of Adam … Continue reading Overcome the Devil

Discernment in Urgent Times

It is important that I start this article with clarifications of the meaning of some words. In simple terms, discernment means a show of insight and understanding concerning an issue. Urgent means requiring immediate action or attention. To have a "discerning heart" means to have a heart that demonstrates wisdom because issues are meant to … Continue reading Discernment in Urgent Times