Spiritual Sensitivity: Getting answers from God

To be spiritually sensitive means to have the ability to perceive and respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all situations. A spiritually sensitive person is always in tune with God’s heart. A believer is expected to know when the things heard are from God or from self. Often times, we pray to … Continue reading Spiritual Sensitivity: Getting answers from God

Take Up Your Cross

A cross is really just an instrument of death. In the days of Jesus in the flesh, whenever someone was accused of crimes against the nation (rebellion against government, disruption of peace etc) death by crucifixion was considered capital punishment (i.e it was the highest form of punishment). It was execution because a person who … Continue reading Take Up Your Cross

You have got God’s leading in You

In our walk of purpose on this earth as believers, God's leading is something that is actually needed and indispensable for a successful walk.  When we talk about God's leading, we are talking about supernatural guidance. It is important to clearly understand what the Bible says concerning the Believer and God's leading.  One thing we … Continue reading You have got God’s leading in You

Be an Intercessor

An intercessor is a mediator between parties; someone who stands in the gap in prayers between persons who have provoked judgment upon themselves. Intercession is prayer to hold back judgment (Psalm 106:23). Intercession is not just prayer; it is also to reconcile the differences between people or groups. As Christians we are praying for the … Continue reading Be an Intercessor

Faith that works

Faith works? Here are some quick nuggets on the matter of faith. Faith is the basis upon which Christian living is built. Beginning with salvation and the promised eternal life to the actualizations of all your inheritance in Christ. Faith simply is, believing in the existence of things that are not presently existent (Hebrews 11:1). … Continue reading Faith that works

Worship through Songs

Worship means honouring, ardently loving, sweetly differentiating, making worthy, glorifying. It could also mean intentional honour in songs. But spiritually or Kingdom-meaning, worship simply means "doing what God made you for", and that is to worship Him, to glorify Him. James 3:8-9 says, “But no one can tame the tongue. It is restless and evil, … Continue reading Worship through Songs