What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is defined as the expression of gratitude especially to God. Thanksgiving is our way of telling God that we see all He is doing, has done and we have come to acknowledge it with our actions.

Thanksgiving is not meant to be limited to just words of the mouth; action is meant to accompany it. When you are really grateful, it shows in the tone of your voice, in things you do, in the way you react. Thanksgiving is done to create an avenue for something better to be given to you.

Most people have limited thanksgiving to just songs (praise songs) and something that should be taken really seriously only on thanksgiving Sundays when the Church calls for it. But the truth is that thanksgiving is not only a thing of the physical, it is a thing of the heart.

Thanksgiving is borne from a place of understanding. When we understand the things God has done, we are expected to burst out into thanks which is why Philippians 4:6 says, “even in your asking be grateful”. As a believer, you are not meant to only thank God when He gives you the things you want. Thank Him always, don’t stop thanking Him. Thank Him when you don’t get what you prayed for; thank Him without Him even doing anything for you.

The Bible says God inhabits the praises of His people. When you thank Him it is a sign of worship. Thanksgiving is a form of reverence (worship); it doesn’t have to be jumpy and loud. Silent thanksgiving is possible also. When you think of how good God has been good to you, when you remember His faithfulness, it should move you to thank Him. When you worship Him, you move Him to do more.

God expects you to sing His praises everytime. He expects you to worship Him daily irrespective of if you have gotten your reply or not. Thank God always, rejoice in Him (Philippians 4:4).

As humans, we have conditioned ourselves to believe that the more physically active you are, the more grateful you are. This may be correct in some cases but remember that what really matters to God is your heart. Does your heart say the same thing as your actions? Are you truly thanking God from a place of understanding?

We don’t have to wait till we get something before we thank God. The act of salvation, His love for us is enough reason to thank Him daily till eternity. Let your thanksgiving be for the right reason. Be glad in Him for no reason, don’t give God the condition that you won’t praise Him if He doesn’t answer your heart desires. Your thanksgiving matters a lot. It says a lot about the kind of person you are. Be quick to thank God for the things He has done either for you or someone you know.

You have to be intentional about giving thanks. Don’t let a day go by without saying “Thank you ABBA for everything”. Be sincere with your thanksgiving. Remember that God sees your heart.

Give thanks always irrespective of the situation. Thanksgiving is our currency for favour. Make it a daily habit to thank God.

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