Why I need to Focus on Jesus?

One of the things that makes a believer become like Christ is the knowledge about being focused. The goal of every Christian is to become like Christ in nature, in act and to do almost everything he did because He said in John14:12,

“Verily, verily I say I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater than these shall he do; because I go unto my father”.

To achieve this, we try everything in our power. Still, many people still find it difficult to know Christ, to follow Him completely.

This is due to us not focusing on Him, because when you don’t look, you can’t behold and when you don’t behold you cannot become.

What does it mean to focus? Focus means: “gazing to become”. In explanation of this, am going to give some examples.

  • As a student, our parents always tell us to focus on our studies. Reason being that they know what happens when you focus and for serious students that obeys, they perform excellently.
  • As a sniper (for those that watch gun movies), if there is no proper focus on the target, such sniper is going to lose the target. To get a proper shot, he has to focus.
  • For an architect to get a proper building planning, he has to focus while drawing/planning. If he does not, he won’t get a better execution.
  • As a footballer while playing a penalty shot, the player needs to focus on the goalkeeper’s movement so he can trick him and get a better shot which should amount to a goal.

In the examples given we see that almost everything we do in life that yields good result has an effect of focus. This answers the question of why Christians is finding their closeness to God difficult. To run the race of life in the race of faith, we need someone to help us. There are a lot of distractions on the way that can make us lose our focus. This is why we need Jesus as our first man in order to run the race of life. We need to focus on Jesus.

We might ask why I need to focus on Jesus?

1. To see God (John14:6): To see God, to know His will, we need to see through Jesus. According to physics, rainbow is present in the sun but you cannot see it except you use a mirror, because you cannot see the sun with your bare eyes. Jesus here is our mirror, so we can’t see God directly except we see through Jesus.

2. To see ourselves: Like in the example I gave earlier, Jesus is the mirror of our life when we fix our gaze on Him, we get to know more about ourselves. We see our shortcomings through Him. As you correct the mistake in your dressing when you look at your mirror.

3. So as not to fall in our Journey of life (Matthew 14:30): When our focus is on Jesus, we get to stand firm and not sink. Because, the moment our gaze is away from Him, we are bound to fall.

This is the only way to help our walk with Christ – focus. Without this, we can’t have a perfect relationship with God in times like this. No matter the challenges life brings to us as an excuse to fall in our journey of life, just focus.

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